Step into the mesmerizing world of The Marvelous Outsiders [TMØ],

a fusion of musical brilliance crafted by kindred spirits, seeking harmony in a complicated world. What began as a spontaneous gathering of friends, passionately jamming to songs penned by frontperson Ryan Art, has evolved into an awe-inspiring collective. TMØ's journey took them from their whimsical wedding band phase, adorned in bow ties and suspenders, to traversing between Houston and Nashville, and through moments of a fiery rebirth, driven by their resolute purpose – to connect people through music. Their creative process is an intense and surreal journey, with each record meticulously shaped through midnight debates and relentless fine-tuning, until unanimity is achieved within the ensemble. TMØ's songs emerge from a deeply personal place, reflecting tales of not belonging, but a pivotal moment arose when a poem about paralyzing anxiety overtly resonated with others, unveiling the universal truth that everyone, in their own way, is an Outsider, with the individual power to decide if they are truly marvelous. Embracing influences spanning Pop, Hip-Hop, Soul, Electronic, and Punk, TMØ proudly branded their sound as Psych-Pop, a genre as diverse as their vision.

In early 2020, sparks of anxiety, paranoia, and heartbreak fueled the fervent creation of 'St. Valentine.' This emotionally charged project showcases two gut-wrenching songs, a poignant opus delving into the depths of a tragic relationship that mirrored their own. In the crucible of 2020, TMØ's trajectory shifted. With an artistic career deeply rooted in live entertainment, the unforeseen upheaval of COVID-19 shook TMØ to its core. Navigating the uncharted territory of a pandemic-stricken world, TMØ channeled their frustrations and hopes into an ambitious endeavor – 'Proud To Be 'Murican.' This spirited and thought-provoking political project emerged as a cathartic outpouring of resilience and unity. Guided by the mantra, "If every day is getting better, then I’m getting where I’m going," TMØ's journey continues, with the horizon beckoning, veiled in mystery yet resolute in purpose. With each note crafted, they summon the limitless possibilities ahead, inviting audiences to embrace the magic of The Marvelous Outsiders – a symphony of unity, an adventure into the infinite.





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